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1. AGE 

For renting a Rentanddrive car rental Cluj, it is mandatory for the driver to be at least 21 years old and / or to have a category B driving license, of at least one year. The owner of the car rental company Cluj Napoca reserves the right to refuse to rent a car from Cluj to a customer without any additional explanation.



The minimum rental period at Rentanddrive car rental Cluj Airport is 2 / days. The first hour of delay is free. The next 2 hours are charged at 10 euros / hour. Any delay over this period will be charged at the full value of a full day’s rent.


Any delay that exceeds 3 hours will be considered as bad intention or possibly theft, leading to the loss of the guarantee fund or, as the case may be, to the announcement of the police, the car theft department, for the forced recovery of the car. The vehicle is delivered to the customer, based on this contract, in good general and functional condition.

Upon delivery, the landlord is obliged to notify the customer about any minor defects, and he reserves the right to accept or not the rental. The delivery of the car is made after the signing, by both parties, of this contract, the payment of the guarantee and the taxes by the client.

Upon delivery of the vehicle, the customer is entrusted with his identification documents, in xerox copy. The customer is materially liable for any damage or injury caused by an accident caused by entrusting the vehicle to a driver unauthorized by the owner.


The rental rates at Rentanddrive rent a car Cluj Airport are those present in the offer, to which are added certain discounts depending on the number of rental days. Rental Conditions

 Payments can be made in euros or lei by cash or by credit / debit card Master / Visa.

The rates include compulsory insurance, full helmet insurance, Rovinieta (toll). The rental rates do not include traffic and parking fines, fuel, rubber wedges or tires cut for various reasons.

The car can be driven only by the person / persons registered in the contract. The person who wants to rent and drive a car must present the identity card and the driving license for the persons domiciled in Romania, the passport and the driving license for the persons domiciled abroad.

The rental price covers an average of 300 km / day. The additional kilometers will be charged with 1.00 ron / km.

The minimum car rental period is 2  days.

If the car is returned dirty, the washing fee is 50 RON.

The cost of all fines established in the case of the car for violating the rules on parking, traffic or other legal provisions are borne exclusively by the tenant;

Loss or destruction of car keys will be charged with EUR 200;

Loss or destruction of car documents will be charged at EUR 100.

If the car is returned with scratches, bumps, dirty or burned covers, with missing or damaged accessories, the warranty fee will not be refunded. RENTAL CONDITIONS



Rentanddrive rent a car Cluj requests the identity card in original and in copy; Driving license in original and in copy; The documents must belong to the person who rents and signs the rental contract. RENTAL CONDITIONS

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