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Ignas Rutkauskas
17:19 14 Apr 24
Very clear communication. the guy called me back after the first call we had and offered a better price. I was very happy with the car I got. he was flexible in the returning time and the car was very neat clean and running well. I was informed and charged €10 cleaning fee, for eight days I got 1600 km. Overall, happy and Satisfied with the service.
Ciprian Ioan
15:51 13 Apr 24
Trif Paul-Adrian
14:16 13 Apr 24
Elena Ursu
11:05 13 Apr 24
It was a perfect experience from taking over the vehicle to handing it over, and the gentleman in charge of the service was prompt, helpful and kind. I recommend!
Barber On Wheels
16:29 10 Apr 24
A pleasant experience I could say... if you don't want to hand over the car with a heavy heart because they will look for sticks in the wheels to ask you for more money, or worse, to be left without the deposit deposit for the rental, I recommend RentanddriveAn honest company...with cheap cars and in perfect working order, 5⭐
Andreea Iacob
16:21 10 Apr 24
Very nice experience. The car was very good, the price was also ok and the communication with the person from the rental service was just perfect.No problems of any kind!I highly reccomend !Thanks a million!
08:50 09 Apr 24
Iulian Oprescu
06:10 09 Apr 24
Andreea Irina
15:43 08 Apr 24
Thank you very much for the services, it was a pleasant experience.Fairness, promptness and very good communication.Pickup and delivery at the airport.I recommend with confidence.
andras koszorus
15:34 08 Apr 24
Ioan Balint
07:36 06 Apr 24
Really good and friendly service at very competitive prices especially with the discounts for capped mileage. Hassle free rental with no hidden charges, full insurance and zero deposit unlike other companies that either ask for a huge deposit or push you into buying expensive additional insurance.We had a very good experience with renting our car and although the company had a hiccup with their booking system after we booked online, we've been kept informed about what's happening through good, clear communication over the phone and WhatsApp. Although the car we chose initially was no longer available we've been provided with another one from a higher price rental bracket for the same original car price. The car was in perfect condition and almost brand new with only ~8000 km on the clock. The pick up and drop off was very smooth and quick with a representative waiting for us at the airport when we landed and on our departure. Our return flight had a slight change of schedule so we returned the car an hour later than initially booked for. We communicated this with rentanddrive beforehand and they were very accommodating and made no fuss about it.We'll definitely look at using RentAndDrive again.
David Truong
12:28 04 Apr 24
Alright. Recent car. Practical.
Marius Daraban
19:38 31 Mar 24
Everything was spot on, very professional staff and very good cars
Loredana lucaci
10:26 30 Mar 24
Very easy, sweet and helping people, you Can count on Them 100% and the car is very Nice as well
Simo Flut
14:28 24 Mar 24
I rent a care for 9 days from Rentanddrive in cluj and I didn't have any problem . They give me the car with out deposit and less then 1 year exp an my driving licence. Definitely next time I'll ren a car from rentanddrive . Very serious people .
Radu Pop
20:34 18 Mar 24
Serious company, very punctual, the prices shown are the prices paid, without the need to pay other taxes, insurances, etc.😉. The cars are clean, in good condition and with full casco insurance (included in the price) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
Cristi Mihai
08:21 18 Mar 24
Thank you rentanddrive rent a car
Ionut Budascu
12:43 13 Mar 24
Very pleasantly impressed by the Rent and drive services, punctual and correct people, the car was very clean and in excellent condition, the whole process from when I contacted them until I handed over the car was very simple, no deposit is required, everything is transparent, you simply don't have any stress, I recommend you to turn to them with confidence, thank you very much Andrei, you are a wonderful man, all the respect
Robert Maties
17:11 11 Mar 24
I am very pleased with the services offered and the very competitive price, I will definitely recommend this company to my friends.Plus also when receiving and handing over cars.
Mihai Ihm
18:10 10 Mar 24
I am very satisfied with your services and I recommend with the greatest confidence 'I felt very satisfied' and the team in charge are very serious and do their job as per the book 'great soups 👏👏👏
Teo Paun
15:28 10 Mar 24
We have been using them for many years and always had pleasant experiences with their fleet. I recommend 100%
08:35 10 Mar 24
Great company to deal with, highly recommended!
Lucian Sofica
17:33 21 Jan 24
I recently rented a car from Rentanddrive and had a fantastic experience. The entire process, from booking online to returning the car, was smooth and hassle-free. The vehicle was in excellent condition, clean, and comfortable. The staff was friendly and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend them for their reliable and well-maintained cars, as well as their top-notch service. I'll definitely choose them again for my future rental needs.
Elena Abrudan
22:26 13 Jan 24
Exceptional Car Rental Experience!I recently had the pleasure of renting a car from Rent and Drive and my experience was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, the level of professionalism and customer service exceeded my expectations.The car rented was in immaculate condition, clean, well-maintained and it performed flawlessly throughout my trip.I highly recommend Rent and Drive to anyone in need of reliable and efficient car rental services. I will undoubtedly choose them again for my future car rental needs.Five stars without a doubt!
Paul Nagy
17:41 16 Dec 23
No deposit needed and the car was clean and in good condition. Also there were no surprise costs or insurances thrown at us, the final price was the one on the site. The only extra payment was 40 lei for not washing the car but we knew of that from the beginning and were ok with it. We were a bit late with bringing the car back and there were no issues.
15:49 23 Sep 23
I recently had the pleasure of renting a car, and I must say the experience exceeded my expectations. The car was in excellent condition and served our needs perfectly. But what truly stood out was our driver. He was punctual, professional, and showed exceptional knowledge of the area. His friendly demeanor and attentive service made our journey all the more enjoyable. I would highly recommend to anyone in need of car rental services, and especially commend our driver for his outstanding service.
Dacian Panait
14:12 15 Mar 23
The car rental process from start to finish was excellent. The vehicle was unreal for our purposes. Nice car,clean and new model, high technology on this. The person who dropped the car was very friendly and helpful. Drop off was very straight forward. Excellent! We definitely rent again from this place.

About us Rentanddrive

Rent and Drive Rent a car Cluj requires flexible solutions designed for each client.

You have various possibilities for renting cars from Cluj Airport.

You can choose with a personal driver or for personal use, renting cars for short or long term, or renting cars for any type of event.

We know what’s important and we put great value on your time and safety for your holiday!

About us Rent a car Cluj

Rent a car at Cluj airport

Are you traveling far from home or planning a long-distance trip from one city to another without a car?

At Rent and drive Cluj  you will find the mobility and comfort you need for fast urban travel.

You can drive any car that suits you, in whatever city you are, so you always arrive on time and safely! About Rentanddrive

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Good prices. Great Benefits for renting a car Cluj Napoca

All our cars are 100% safe, tested, and cared for in authorized services only, before each rental.

They are waiting for you with their fully checked, RCA insurance, CASCO, and rovignet.

About us Rentanddrive

The choice of power and elegance is now in your hands! Renting a car „Rentanddrive Cluj” is just a phone call away. In addition, we also offer the best price on the market in terms of car fleet quality.

Why rent a car in Cluj from us? Because we, rent anddrive, have the best deals, low prices, and new and safe rental cars in town.

Why rent a car in Cluj from us? Because we, rent and drive Cluj, we have the best deals, low prices, and new and safe rental cars in town.

We also provide 24/7 telephone support.

To rent the car you want, you must comply with the conditions, also the prices can be negotiated depending on the period you choose.

You can find the features and characteristics of the rental cars at each car separately.

Car hire in Cluj and Cluj Airport for those who need a complete and professional rental service!

Rent your car early!

Because Rentanddrive is one of the best car rental companies in Cluj-Napoca, and our mission is to improve our services and the safety of traveling, we are constantly doing the best we can to satisfy your demands.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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Key Features:

  1. Flexibility: RentAndDrive stands out for its flexibility, allowing users to rent a vehicle on demand. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway, a quick grocery run, or a business trip, users can easily find and rent a car that suits their specific requirements.
  2. Cost-Effective: The financial burden associated with car ownership, including insurance, maintenance, and depreciation, is alleviated with RentAndDrive. Users can enjoy the convenience of a private vehicle without the long-term financial commitment, making it an economically sound choice.
  3. Variety of Options: RentAndDrive boasts a diverse fleet of vehicles, ensuring users can find a car that matches their preferences and needs. From fuel-efficient compact cars for city commuting to spacious SUVs for family road trips, the platform caters to a wide range of lifestyles.
  4. Easy Reservation Process: The user-friendly app simplifies the reservation process. Users can browse available vehicles, select their preferred model, and complete the booking with just a few taps on their smartphones. The seamless experience enhances the overall convenience of using RentAndDrive.
  5. No Maintenance Hassles: Traditional car ownership comes with the responsibility of maintenance and repairs. With RentAndDrive, users can enjoy a hassle-free experience, as the platform takes care of vehicle upkeep, ensuring that each rental is in optimal condition.
  6. Environmental Considerations: By promoting shared mobility, RentAndDrive contributes to reducing the overall carbon footprint associated with individual car ownership. The utilization of a shared fleet helps optimize the use of vehicles, leading to a more sustainable approach to transportation.


RentAndDrive represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach transportation. As urban areas continue to grow and evolve, the need for flexible and convenient mobility solutions becomes increasingly apparent. RentAndDrive not only addresses this need but also provides an economically viable and environmentally conscious alternative to traditional car ownership. As technology continues to reshape the way we live and move, services like RentAndDrive are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation.