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Car rental terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions to rent a car from Rentanddrive

The rented car from Cluj can be used only in strict compliance with the road legislation and all its amendments, decisions or regulations amending or supplementing the road legislation in force on the date of conclusion of the contract. Any violation of these rules in connection with the subject of this contract, will automatically lead to additional costs, which will be invoiced to the customer.
The rented car cannot be used to transport people or material goods or to tow other cars, for a fee.
The rented car cannot be used to transport dangerous materials or prohibited by law, all responsibilities for these activities rest exclusively with the customer.

The rented car Cluj Airport will be used only within the technical limits imposed by the manufacturer and will not be used in speed competitions or car competitions. In case of defects occurred as a result of these activities, the car will be prepared an activity report and a technical report and the customer will be materially responsible for it, and legal payment documents will be prepared.
The rented car can only be used by the person signing the contract or by a person designated by him, named user, and who will be specified in the contract. Any change in this clause must be announced and entered into the contract. If this clause is not observed, the rental contract will be terminated.
The rented car cannot be used by novice drivers!

It is forbidden to drive a rented car by persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances prohibited by law, for the duration of this contract. In the event of a road incident resulting in a violation of this provision, the customer is liable materially, civilly or criminally, in full, for damages. The client also pays for the days he parked the car, the price being the one charged per rental day.

During the contract, any defect will be remedied only with the consent of the owner or by him, in the services authorized by Rentanddrive rent a car.

When parking the car in the specially arranged spaces, the related fee will be paid, after which the car will be locked and insured, in order to avoid possible thefts. Original documents will never be left inside the car while it is parked.
The customer undertakes to return the rented car at the end of the rental period in its original condition. Any change in the initial condition by hitting or destroying, will lead to the partial or total use of the guarantee fund set up during the rental period.
The customer is prohibited from selling, subletting or pledging the rented car.

1. Age

In order to rent a vehicle from Cluj -Napoca, it is mandatory for the driver to be at least 21 years old and / or to have a category B driving license, of at least one year. The owner reserves the right to refuse to rent a car to a customer without any further explanation.

2. Delivery

The minimum rental period is 1 / day. The first hour of delay is free. The next 2 hours are charged at 10 euros / hour. Any delay over this period will be charged at the full value of a full day’s rent. Any delay that exceeds 8 hours will be considered as bad intention or possibly theft, leading to the loss of the guarantee fund or, as the case may be, to the announcement of the police, the car theft department, for the forced recovery of the car.
The vehicle is delivered to the customer, based on this contract, in good general and functional condition. Upon delivery, the landlord is obliged to notify the customer about any minor defects, and he reserves the right to accept or not the rental. The delivery of the car is made after the signing, by both parties, of this contract, the payment of the guarantee and the taxes by the client. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the customer is entrusted with his identification documents, in xerox copy.
The customer is materially liable for any damage or injury caused by an accident caused by entrusting the vehicle to a driver unauthorized by the owner.

3. Method of payment / Tariffs applied

The rental rates are those present in the offer, to which are added certain discounts depending on the number of rental days. The payment for the services, as well as the guarantee are paid in full at the beginning of the rental period.
For the guarantee, the invoice and the receipt for the entire amount provided in the contract are drawn up.
Payments can be made in euros or lei by cash or by credit / debit card Master / Visa.
The rates include compulsory insurance, full helmet insurance, Rovinieta (road tax) plus taxes for the additional driver.
The tariffs do not include traffic and parking fines, fuel, rubber wedges or tires cut for various reasons.

4. Insurance

The used vehicles have CASCO insurances valid on the Romanian territory.
The insurance covers all damages caused by accidents or minor incidents that are caused by persons other than the client or his proxy, provided that the legal formations, the finding report, the proof of repair, Annex 2, issued by the traffic police within the locality where the incident occurred.
The insurance does not cover damage caused by pilot errors, scratches, broken wheel covers, rubber feathers, etc.
The insurances do not cover the defects produced by the engine or its subassemblies that are caused by the customer’s fault, resulting from improper use. These will be certified by a specialized car workshop.
The insurance does not cover damages caused by the customer as a result of the consumption of alcohol, drugs or other substances prohibited by law. In these cases, the customer will bear all repair costs, including days of service.
The insurance does not compensate the theft of the car if it is left with the keys in contact, unlocked and unattended. In order to compensate for the theft, it is mandatory to present the key with which the car was handed over to the customer.
During this contract, the customer is responsible for all damages caused to third parties, if they have additional requirements or if the value of damages exceeds the insured amount.
The insurance does not cover any traffic fines during the lease, they are borne by the customer. In the event that the fine arrives by mail at a later time, the report of finding the contravention will be returned to the police within the locality where the contravention occurred, accompanied by the documents of the person who signed the lease or the user designated by him.

5. Documents required for renting a car

• Identity card in original and copy;
• Driving license in original and in copy;
• The documents must belong to the person who rents and signs the rental contract.